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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
BBA Programs at the Main Campus and the City Campus are full-time four-year bachelor programs. These programs consist of 47 courses of 144 credit hours cumulative. Out of these, 42 courses are compulsory and 6 are electives
IBA is one of the premier business schools in the country. IBA has produced MBAs since its inception in 1955. Through its 50+ years of existence it has produced some great business leaders including a former prime minister of Pakistan. Initially, IBA only produced MBAs. However, beginning from 1982, IBA started granting a bachelors degree in business administration.

Historically, our BBA program has been an offshoot of our MBA program. Although the market has received our BBA graduates well, we also received some constructive criticism from recruiters and employers about our graduates and the program itself. The criticism centered on the following:

The graduates lack knowledge of contemporary business environment

They are not familiar with the real work environment

They cannot use quantitative tools as effectively as it is expected of them

They are not responding to the challenges emerging from changes taking place in the regional and global economies.

Dean and Director, Dr. Ishrat Husain envisions the BBA graduates of the future as different from the current graduates who have plenty of business knowledge but lack the overall open minded approach of a modern decision maker. He wants to change the outlook of the students obtaining a BBA degree from IBA. In his opinion “the purpose of this change is to expose the students and equip them with a wide array of knowledge that will help them in developing their critical thinking”. To bring out this change he had our BBA program compared with the BBA programs offered by some of the top universities in USA. He then created a BBA Audit Committee to further investigate these complaints and develop ways and means to respond to them.

IBA new BBA program is geared towards preparing well rounded graduates who have a fair knowledge of history, world affairs, philosophy and languages and they are equipped with the quantitative tools to analyze situations and make rational and measurable business decisions.

There is now more emphasis on specialization. Students take six courses, instead of two in the past, to specialize in majors such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship. This specialization allows them to enter in the job market or start their own business with a thorough theoretical knowledge of the business that they undertake. Specialization in their area of study includes visiting businesses, writing term papers and doing projects. These activities introduce the students to the practical side of doing business.

To further enhance their field experience, students are required to do a four-course project. This work covered under experiential knowledge, requires students to work with a business for a whole semester doing a project approved by the project advisor at IBA. Students bring information about the project that they want to do. These projects are acceptable to the firm that they are undertaking the project for. Once the students and their IBA advisors decide upon a project, the students embark upon collecting data and analyzing it. They frequently meet their advisors to seek guidance and provide updates about the project. Upon completion of the project (towards the end of the semester) they make a formal presentation to the advisor and a select group of teachers for a thorough review of the project.

Another unique addition to our new BBA program is the introduction of the study of foreign languages and the cultural and social environment of the region where these languages are spoken. We are currently offering Arabic, Chinese and French as foreign languages. The idea of introducing foreign languages to the BBA students was implemented by Doctor Ishrat Husain. He envisions our BBA graduates taking on the challenges of this expanding world. IBA has always sent its graduates to work overseas. However, our interpretation of the overseas was limited to the English speaking countries. With the introduction of the teaching of the language and culture of the world’s most commonly spoken languages, we are widening our definition of overseas giving our students the opportunity to offer their services and take on challenges at a global level.

Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA (Entrepreneurship)
The Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), IBA has launched a Specialization in Entrepreneurship from Fall 2011. The curriculum will integrate core business courses, social science courses, and Entrepreneurship electives into the four-year program, which will enable students to develop the necessary skills to become entrepreneurial in thinking and practice. Additionally, the integrated teaching methodology that the CED plans to offer will correlate the disciplines by laying emphasis on an approach to the holistic learning.
The Specialization in Entrepreneurship would inspire potential students to think like an entrepreneur, by being innovative and creative in their thoughts and action. Some students who are fortunate enough to have a legacy of entrepreneurship in their family may want to help grow the family business, or learn how to improve the business by applying creative ideas. Other students may want to become entrepreneurs after they graduate, or at some point in their careers, and may have the idea, but do not have the opportunity or funding to support their idea and make it possible. These students would be provided with a platform to experiment, and realize their ideas. Furthermore, the entrepreneurial spirit may appeal to some who are looking to explore and experience a different way of running businesses. Rather than pursuing the conventional specializations that we have today, an Entrepreneurship Specialization would open new doors for potential candidates, who may be looking to become skilled at a new field.
The Entrepreneurship Specialization would develop students’ abilities to formulate ideas, explore, and create. It would train them to carry out in-depth analysis of disciplinary and interdisciplinary subjects, and enable students to get hands-on experience in the industry, by applying the knowledge and training to generate and sell their ideas in the real world, thus unleashing their potential, and increasing their confidence, independence, and creativity.

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