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The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programme at the Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) at LUMS provides an intense and demanding academic experience, involving two years of full-time study. The programme aims at developing global business leaders - individuals who can provide leadership at any level, in an increasingly global economy. As a general management programme, the curriculum introduces students to the underlying disciplines of management, and provides graduates the flexibility to pursue successful careers in a variety of industries, and across geographical and functional boundaries

The primary teaching methodology is the case method. During the two years at LUMS, students work on over 500 cases which develops in them the ability to make decisions in a broad range of “real-world” situations. The case method encourages active learning and student participation. It develops a remarkable ability to analyse and apply theoretical frameworks, to debate and develop arguments, and to make quick decisions in challenging, uncertain situations. Indeed, LUMS MBA graduates are known for their capacity for sustained hard work, for working under pressure and meeting deadlines, for excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and for teamwork; skills which are critical for managers in today’s global economy.

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