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Ranking Criteria and Weights


Quality and Research based Ranking of Pakistani HEIs

Ranking Criteria and Weights (Used for catagory wise ranking lists)

Quality Assurance and Enhancement =60

Note: Implementation status of QA criteria has been considered till June 2011. Updates in implementation in QA criteria by the universities after the June 2011 will get benefit certainly in next ranking.

Implementation status of QA criteria =18
Plagiarism Policy Implementation (6)
Eligibility Criteria for appointments of faculty members (4)
Criteria for M.Phil./Ms & PhD programs(4)
Quality Enhancement Cell (04)
Teaching Quality =42
Student Teacher ratio (12)
Ratio of PhD faculty to total faculty (9)
Total PhD output for 2010 (5)
Selectivity (5)
Library books (4)
Full time PhD faculty (3)
Research =40
HEC approved Supervisors (5)
Indigenous Scholars studying in the University(4)
HEC research grants approved (2)
HEC travel grant approved(2)
Publication in impact factor journal[2010] (5)
Number of papers published by the univeresity [2010] (3)
Citations[2010] (4)
University H Index (4)
Number of W,X,Y,Z journals publsihed by the university (5)
Internet Bandwidth (PERN) utilization (4)
Number of conferences organized (2)

Total = 100


The Quality and Research based ranking of HEIs of Pakistan is carried out categorically in the context of research and quality criteria implemented therefore, the ranking criteria and the assigned scores are to be understood accordingly.

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